Accounting Assistant – Accounts Payable

McEnearney Business Machines (MBM)
July 1, 2019
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Job Type


Job Description:

  • Compiling of Local Supplier and Group Payments as required. Accurately applying payments to supplier invoices by the following day of payment processing.
  • Preparing all non-supplier and miscellaneous cheque payments for local and group suppliers.
  • Preparing payments to local shipping lines, Comptroller of Customs & Excise for incoming shipments to facilitate the clearing of goods. On completion of Costings in GP from the Procurement Dep’t,”Enter-Match” is performed to create liability and off-set payments made against liability processed.
  • Preparing payments for Petty Cash reimbursement as required and updating the required spreadsheet for entry into GP
  • Forecast foreign currency requirements weekly and maintain and up to date USD currency queue with AMBL.
  • Process payments for Foreign Suppliers by preparing wire transfer instructions and cheques payments; when ANSA Merchant Bank releases USD/ foreign currency funding or USD/Foreign currency becomes available.
  • Apply payments processed for foreign suppliers within 48 hours on supplier sub-ledger account on Great Plains to ensure that the supplier account is up to date.
  • Preparing all Payroll deduction cheque as requested by the Payroll Officer: Pension/ Credit Union/ Other deductions.
  • Preparing Statutory Payroll cheque for of the following month: PAYE/ NIS/ Health Surcharge.
  • Ensure invoices are received monthly for WASA, TSTT/BMOBILE/FLOW/Security to charge to the profit and loss in the reporting month or to make an accrual until the invoice is received. Follow up monthly to ensure expenses are accurate in the Financial Statements.
  • Assessing the monthly prepayment accounts to charge insurance and other prepayment accounts to the profit and loss in the reporting month.
  • Entering and posting monthly lease invoices from AMBL.
  • Posting monthly lease interest from Deferred Interest to Interest Expense.
  • Reconciling the loan principal and deferred interest monthly ensuring that the balance on the General Ledger corresponds with the AMBL statement.
  • Completing Local Supplier Reconciliations after by the following month.
  • Reviewing Advance Payments with the Procurement/ Projects Team to follow up on outstanding invoices and preparing monthly report showing open advance payments for local suppliers.
  • Reconciling Group Confirmations Accounts Payable General Ledger to Sub-ledger with all variances investigated and submitted for review.
  • Accurately prepare and submit the following reports monthly: Cheque Register, Report of Intercompany balances, Ageing of Sub-Ledger (to discuss supplier payment plan for the month), Purchases Accrual Analysis and Debit balances by the required timelines.
  • Preparing the Cash Flow payment plan for foreign suppliers and generating the final Accounts Payable Sub-ledger by the following month.
  • Reviewing the AP Sub-ledger and compiling monthly payment Plan for each account categorized by due date and submit to the CFO by the following month end to facilitate monthly cash flow preparations / requesting of foreign currency from AMBL.
  • Processing of Weekly / Petty Cash disbursements in the absence of relevant team members.
  • Maintaining accurate filing of AP documents.
  • Assisting with the provision of support and requested information to Auditors (Internal and External) as required.
  • Performing any other related duties required by the job function.


Required Qualifications:

  • Level 2 ACCA qualification
  • At least 5 Ordinary Level Passes including Mathematics and English
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
  • At least 2 years’ experience in a similar capacity
  • Experience with Microsoft Dynamics GP will be considered an asset



How to apply:
These are the requirements for applying for this job:

- Are you Level 2 ACCA Qualified?

- Do you have at least 5 O'Level passes (including Math and English)?

- Do you have at least 2 years’ experience in a similar capacity?

- Are you proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite?