Business Analyst (Finance)

July 17, 2019
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Job Type


ANSA McAL Group of Companies Limited

Job Summary:

The incumbent will be responsible for supporting the Group Finance Director in sourcing, managing and executing transactions and projects across existing Sectors. This position will report key business metrics, identify and implement process improvements, and support strategic initiatives.


Job Description:

  • Determine and report on feasibility of various strategic alternatives through financial modeling.
  • Design and deliver corporate planning process as so guided by the Group Finance Director.
  • Provide support (research, write-up, review) in the preparation of the Director’s reports for ExCo and BOD on a monthly basis.
  • Maintain and conduct CAPEX analyses as so approved by ExCo.
  • Provide support to the Director in the delivery of action items stemming from strategic meetings (e.g. ExCo).
  • Compile, extract, manipulate and analyze complex data to formulate actionable conclusions.
  • Review, analyze and present competitive and client data through financial analyses
  • Collect, monitor and disseminate market intelligence.
  • Communicate complex business issues in a clear and concise manner both verbally and via presentations
  • Prepare performance reports at both the Group and subsidiary levels.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Group Finance Director from time to time.


Required Competencies:

  • Analytical thinking – the ability to comprehend a situation by breaking it down into its components and identifying key or underlying complex issues.
  • Attention to detail – thoroughness in accomplishing a task through concern for all the areas involved, no matter how small. Monitors and checks work or information and plans and organizes time and resources efficiently.
  • Collaboration/teamwork – develops cooperation and teamwork while participating in a group, working toward solutions which generally benefit all involved parties.
  • Communication: open – creates an atmosphere in which timely and high-quality information flows smoothly up and down, inside and outside; encourages open expression of ideas and opinions.
  • Communication: oral and written – effectively transfers thoughts and expresses ideas orally or verbally in individual or group situations.
  • Continuous learning – demonstrates eagerness to acquire necessary technical knowledge, skills, and judgment to accomplish a result or to serve a customer’s needs effectively.
  • Technical expertise – applies and improves extensive or in-depth specialized knowledge, skills, and judgment to accomplish a result or to accomplish one’s job effectively.
  • Planning & organizing/time management – establishes a systematic course of action for self or others to ensure accomplishment of a specific objective. Sets priorities, goals, and timetables to achieve maximum productivity.


Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Management, Finance, Economics or a related field
  • An MBA would be considered an asset
  • 3-5 years relevant work experience in a similar role



How to apply:
These are the requirements for applying for this job:

- Do you have a Bachelor’s degree in Management, Finance, Economics or a related field?

- Do you have 3-5 years relevant work experience in a similar role?

- An MBA would be considered an asset.