Management Accountant

Abel Building Solution
    July 1, 2019
    Champ Fleur, Trinidad and Tobago
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    Job Description:

    Key responsibilities:

    • Measures and analyses the various costs of production and costs of distribution of company products; supports the determination of product sales prices, supports the determination of capital budgeting requests; reports on margins by business lines and business segments
    • Maintain highly sensitive and confidential information
    • Monitors the cost of operations related to inventory, oversees the standard costing system and oversees financial inventory control
    • Reports on periodic variances between actual costs and standard costs, identifies variance causes, analyses operating issues and formulates strategies for corrective action
    • Assists in the preparation of the corporate plan
    • Ensure systems, procedures and processes are developed and implemented to deliver agreed services in a transparent and accountable manner.
    • Assess and develop inventory management systems so that budgetary information produced can be relied upon to enable effective decision-making
    • Assists with general accounting including month-end close with a focus on cost of sales and gross profit
    • Perform standard costing exercises and responsible for actual costing of all products.
    • Prepare costing reports for identifying and assisting with inefficiencies.
    • Manage the activities of the inventory coordinator
    • Manage all cost and management accounting systems and ensure strict adherence to month end deadlines.
    • Ensures full compliance with the groups accounting policies and procedures.
    • Facilitate monthly internal & annual external audit.
    • Liaise and provide support for key stakeholders in the business.
    • Prepare monthly reports related to all financial activities for the company to the chief financial officer / management
    • Participate in the development and implementation of, and perform all duties in accordance with procedures as per ISO 9001 standards and the company’s quality systems manual.
    • Participate in training and development activities as required.
    • Maintain, support, and promote a safe work environment while complying with all of the company’s safety rules, policies, and procedures.
    • Set performance standards, monitor performance and conduct performance assessments for direct reports.
    • Create and manage an auditable system which preserve all physical financial records as required by statute
    • Conduct any other related duties that may be assigned by the chief financial officer.
    • Compliance with ANSA McAL group policies.Characteristics: Required hands-on, technical or other types of training to perform the job:
      • Strong communication & negotiation skills
      • Excellent customer service skills / analytical, problem-solving and decision making skills
      • Good execution and evaluation skills

      Ability to analyze and execute in a fast paced and time sensitive environment.


    • Undergraduate degree/diploma/certification and major if applicable in: business administration/acca/financial management *or an equivalent combination of academic and work experience.Additional Qualifications (If Applicable)
    • Degree and major if applicable in: business administration and
    • At least three years’ experience- finance/accounting


    How to apply:
    These are the requirements for applying for this job:

    - Do you have an undergraduate degree/diploma/certification and major if applicable in Business Administration/acca/financial management?

    - Do you have work experience in Financial Management?